Monday, June 3, 2013

Mixtape - Chuck Berry on the Rocks

Indien Rouge is featured with a garage mixtape today on Aquarium Drunkard.

Chuck Berry on the Rocks brings together a range of obscure 60s garage songs that never made it out of the limelight of the likes of The Haunted and The Sonics.

What inspired this particular selection is that all--well, most, anyway--tracks selected here, in one way or another, could have formed direct sources of inspiration for contemporary indie and garage hits emanating from the hipper parts of NY, LA and SF.

What is more, in many cases, the 60s versions easily surpass their modern grandchildren in groove, emotion, and rawness--indeed, where many modern indie bands add raw authenticity to their sound by adding computerized distortion, the crappy recording quality of many of the tracks here collected is only an unfortunate side effect of their unwanted undergroundness.

Compare "I'm Sufferin" by The Midnight Angels to some of the stuff of the--similarly Canadian--Indian Wars [as heard on AD]; Ravin' Blue's "It's Not Real" to the Allah-Lah's [ibid]; and finally, take some time to travel across the unequalled gem of the tape, "I'll Be There" by Bedlam's Offspring. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Banshees - So Hard to Bear

Some weekend music today that matches the degree to which I'm looking forward to an evening of beer, cigarettes, and good people around.

This is from one of the many 60s garage comps I've been sifting through the last year. 

Some real gems on this compilation called Sax in the Garage--a title that, agreed, doesn't seem to promise that much. 

According to another blog,

The Banshees were students at Mills High School in Millbrae, just south of San Francisco. They had started in 1962 as an instrumental group the Black Knights, changing their name to the Banshees when they added a vocalist in ’64. Members were Jack Walters, Chris Guiver and Paul and Dennis Studebaker, and for a short time Bob Morelli.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moondog - Nero's Expedition

A blind guy sporting an amazing beard, singing on the streets of New York, and weaving the sounds of the streets he doesn't see through the imaginary landscape of his trip-like compositions. And, of course, he wore clothes he designed himself, based on how he imagined a viking god named Odin to look like.

Moondog is most known for his Bird's Lament, which was famously sampled by Mr. Scruff.

Yet beyond this catchy tune, Moondog's musical landscape extends in all directions possible.

This particular one is a hallucinogenic, repetitive meditation on Nero, who apparently tried exploring the Nile once. Best enjoyed on repeat.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Milt Trenier - Gonna Catch Me a Rat

This song for me falls under the rubric of early Rockabilly, and while it most certainly inspired that genre, Milton Trenier (from Chicago, still alive) profiles himself as a rock & roll artist, so we'll go by that label too, then.

A great catchy tune, fun for kids, about a guy coming home and finding his stuff messed with.

Reminder of folk tales and fables, everyone can imagine...

One of my favorites in what deserves a separate genre name.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Terry Timmons - He's the Best in the Business

This is rockin' southern soul!

Filed under Rhythm 'n Blues, I place songs of a soul-like inclination under a same kind of mental rubric.

Yet this gem, recorded between the 40s and 50s, does convey some of the smokey big-band trumpet sound that I associated with the American 30s.


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Conjunto Miramar - Reina de Cumbias

In my ideal world, all club-going audiences would go as wild on cumbia as I would.

And here I'm not referring to Andean technocumbia, which constituted my first experience with music falling under this rubric, but the more suave sound of the countries whose coasts hugging the Caribbean sea.

The song I've chosen here (more is sure to come!) comes from Colombia, where most cumbia-gems originate.

I've been listening to a lot in a DJ mix by Quantic (Will Holland) who also compiled the fine collection of cumbia rarities and classics from which this one is taken.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bedlam's Offspring - I'll Be There

I'm not sure if it get's any more obscure than this, but this is probably one of the biggest musical surprises I've had in years.

Going through a 60's garage rock phase, I came across Bedlam's Offspring on a random compilation.

Having heard this track, I had to start browsing the internet frantically for other songs, information about the band--anything!

So far, only found one more song of the band, nothing more.

Sounds a bit like some of the bootlegs of the Velvet Underground; or perhaps like it was recorded by shoegazing hipsters somewhere in Williamsburg in NY or Mission in SF, with distortion added--but no!

The way these kids breathe teenage angst out of all their pores is simply unbeatable.